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We believe that home is where the heart (and the art) is. Which is what The Happiness Project is all about – a series of specially organised events to bring together carefully curated homegrown brands, artists, and passionate hobbyists to share what makes them happy, with you!

Why local, not global?

We figured there’s already more than enough opportunity for international brands and artists to market themselves. There is also always this perception that international brands and artists have higher standards. But that’s simply not true!

Local brands and artists are capable of putting out products and services to match international standards, if not better – and at more affordable price points! That, is what we hope to show with The Happiness Project: Things that you want, now in events that are fun!

The Happiness Project Studio

Whether it’s spending time with family and friends, discovering new hobbies or getting a good deal, our events always have something for everyone to smile about.

The classic picnic activity, brought indoors for your comfort.

Plus, we’ve given the classic picnic basket a happy makeover that will make your family and friends squeal in delight – and all the more reason to spend more time with them!

“People love what other people are passionate about.” – Mia, La La Land (2016)

With Hobby Collective, we aim to get people who are passionate about the same things in one space so that they can share that passion with others and make new friends!

Every Hobby Collective has a different theme each time, so there’s always something new to do! Now, it’s your chance to try your hand at calligraphy, jam making or gaming, guided by people who love doing what they do – all for the price of one entry ticket.

At Happy Swap, you don’t need money to get the things you want. Instead, you can swap for it with something you have that the other person wants! It’s a great way to let go of your things – after all, one person’s preloved goods are another’s vintage treasures!

Nothing to swap? No worries, you can also swap services (designing, writing, knitting), as long as the other person agrees!

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